Monday, December 5, 2011

Indian Cricket Team Insured by BCCI for Rs.2.5 crores each

The Board of Control for Cricket in India has decided that they will insure each national player for Rs.2.5 crore.

The policies of BCCI has gradually changed towards their players. This moves comes after the Sri Lankan Cricket players were attacked in Lahore, Pakistan. The previous Insurance amount for the players of the richest Cricket Board in the world was Rs.10 lakh per person. And this was limited only to the players who were touring abroad. Now the Insurance cover will be extended to even those players which have been contracted centrally by the BCCI.

A total 37 players are contracted by BCCI. They are divided in 3 grades which are Grade A, B and C. The Insurance cover will be uniform for all the Grades. The 12 players in Grade A, 5 players in Grade B and 20 players in Grade C will be insured for Rs.2.5 crore each.

This new development took a long while to finally come to fruition. Also the support staff of Team India will be covered under this policy as well. The Insurance cover came into effect from 1st October 2011. The Insurance provider in this case is National Insurance Company.

It is a positive step by BCCI which is the richest cricket board in the world to raise the Insurance cover of each player from Rs.10 lakhs to Rs. 2.5 crore. It also shows the importance of Insurance for important employees in any organisation. BCCI is an organisation and other organisations which includes companies, firms and self proprietors should follow suit.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thomas Cook India will now distribute General Insurance Products

Thomas Cook India Limited has created a subsidiary company which will be dealing in Insurance products in India. The company which is called Thomas Cook Insurance Services (India) Limited. This new subsidiary will be dealing in General Insurance products of Bajaj Allianz across India.

The Managing Director of Thomas Cook India Limited, Mr Madhavan Menon has mentioned that he is proud of this new development and is very happy when it comes to the companies association with Bajaj Allianz. Various types of Insurance products such as Travel Insurance, Motor Insurance, Health Insurance and other General Insurance products will be sold.

Most of the focus on travel insurance products and bundles but the company has plans of diversifying into other insurance products. Future expansion is on the cards and if this venture does well the company intends to dip their fingers into other financial services and products.

Bajaj Allianz products are being sold by many Insurance aggregators in the Indian market. Thomas Cook Insurance Services is another addition to this list of companies in a very competitive market.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bharti and Reliance talks regarding Bharti's Insurance business break down

Earlier Reliance industries along with their sister company, Reliance Infrastructure Ltd had planned on buying a total of 74% stake in Bharti AXA Life Insurance and Bharti AXA General Insurance. 54% would be owned by Reliance Industries and 17% by Reliance Infrastructure.

Now things seem to have changed. Reliance has announced that they no longer will be buying the stake. They have cited reasons like vision and governance disagreements.

The move by Reliance was due to the lack of growth in its existing business's. Also the need to diversify and increase presence in non core business's was also a motive.

Bharti Enterprises on the other hand is in desperate need of funds. After the long drawn out and rather expensive deal in Africa, Bharti needs money. The $9 billion dollar deal through which Bharti bought Zain's African operations. Also the  setting up of the 3G network in India will take it financial toll as well.

The shareholders of both the companies are not very happy with this development. Reliance shares lost 2.5% value and Bharti Airtel lost 0.9% value in the share market.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Life Insurance Corp may invest in Kingfisher Airlines

Life Insurance Corporation of India which is a state run company has shown interest in investing in Kingfisher Airlines. The Government has endorsed and forwarded a proposal to LIC regarding a possible deal.

After all the brouhaha regarding Kingfisher Airlines in the media, the Government has decided to help the airlines out. Not directly but the Government has its ways of making sure Kingfisher Airlines gets the funds it needs.

The Insurance company LIC has from time to time made huge investments in various industries in the market.

The Government has already pumped huge sums into Indian Airlines time and again. The Airline is still making losses. Almost all the airlines in India are making losses. Vijay Mallya who has already received a media trial in the last few weeks, has denied approaching the Government or the LIC for funds.

LIC, if the proposal is approved may invest upto Rs. 1.20 billion in the airlines. With most investors staying away from this loss making industry, LIC is ready to take the risk. Also the future prospects of Kingfisher Airlines looks bleak as it is. Hence a Government agency investing into such a company does come as a surprise to most.

LIC has also made major investments in tobacco companies and now its Kingfisher Airlines.Seems like we have some interesting times coming up.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Future Generali launches secure income plan

Future Generali India Life Insurance Company has launched a new product in the market. Its called the Secure Income Plan. Another 5 products are expected to be launched by Future Generali in the market this year.

The Managing Director and CEO of Future Generali had announced the above news on this Monday. The only thing holding the company back right now is regulatory authority clearance.

The Future Generali Secure Income Plan is specially designed for those falling in the age group of 0-60 years. The plan duration can be decided and later modified according to customer needs. Currently the company has plans with duration from 15 years to 65 years.

Once the premium payments are done, bonuses are paid out along with the accrued compound interest on the amount. Also annual cash backs which are guaranteed in the plan are given out. The cash backs are 5.5% of the sum assured. This cash back will continue till the policy matures. Once the policy matures, the investor will receive the whole amount along with a terminal bonus. The minimum amount which can be invested in this plan is Rs. 10,000.

For further details and information regarding the product or buying the product, give us a call on our toll free number 1800-103-9222. We could get you this income plan, quick, fast and without any hassles. Business Insurance and insuring future income is very important and we have a lot of choices for you to choose from. Its just a simple call.

Future Generali has been crossing many milestones and expects to touch another which is the Rs.600 crore by the end of this fiscal year.

Also another interesting fact is that 9% of the companies revenue comes from the rural market. Hence we know where the company will try to expand when these revenue figures are achieved.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The ODI in Mumbai this sunday has a 9 crore Insurance policy

The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) has bought an Insurance policy worth Rs. 9 crore for the One Day International happening at the Wankhede Stadium on Sunday. Also the MCA will be paying a special premium for a contingency plan worth Rs. 5 lakhs.

The company which has provided this Insurance cover is Oriental Insurance Company. The cover will protect the Association from losses due to cancellation of the match due to bad weather, natural disasters, abandonment due to the death of a Prime Minister or President and last, terrorism related incident. Although if even a single ball is bowled, no compensation claims will be entertained.

Insurance cover for cricket matches in India has been rising at a considerable rate now. The India-Australia matches in 2009 were insured for 8crores. Also India has been tagged in the extreme risk category in the reinsurance market when it comes to the terror index.

Apart from the regular bomb blasts in the country, the organizers are also concerned about the unpredictable weather. The monsoon season has been over for a month now but the showers refuse to leave Mumbai.

Well lets hope that there are no unexpected surprises except India comprehensively defeating England again !

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Warren Buffet’s Berkshireinsurance launches travel Insurance

Berkshire India has launched its travel insurance services for retail customers today on 20th October 2011. is the online arm of the Berkshire India and will be the platform where the retail insurance potential customers and customers will interact with the company.

The company is an agent of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance and will be selling their products in the market. will provide instant query resolution and data to potential customers in the market through their online arm. Instant travel insurance plans with various conditions and in various situations could be arranged according to customer needs.

The company has plans which have been designed and modified according to specific needs. There are several travel insurance plans for students, corporates, families and even special plans for senior citizens.
Also special addons and considerations can be taken care of such as medical emergencies and accidents while travelling among many others.

But the obvious drawback is the lack of choice. All the products belong to Bajaj Allianz General Insurance. Other companies and Insurance providers options and plans are not taken into consideration here. They also sell Car Insurance as well as Two Wheeler Insurance.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reliance Life Insurance sells stake

Reliance Capital has announced that they have made a deal regarding the sale of 26% stake of Reliance Life Insurance. The stake has been sold to Nippon Life which is a Japanese company. And it’s also the maximum percentage a foreign company can invest in India in the Insurance sector.

Nippon Life has paid a total amount of $680 million to buy the 26% stake in Reliance Life Insurance to Reliance Capital. This puts the value of the whole company, Reliance Life Insurance at $2.6 billion.

Reliance Life Insurance had to get approval from Reserve Bank of India before they good go through with the deal. The approval was got on September 30, 2011 and the funds were transferred in the following week.

There are a lot of international Insurance companies in the Indian market waiting for the Government to raise the limit of Foreign Direct Investment. Slowly and steadily the pressure has been increasing on the Indian 
Government. And once the limit is raise there are almost guaranteed investment which would be in billions. But with LIC’s monopoly in the market which some experts consider could be threatened by foreign players, the Government is taking its own sweet time.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Health Insurance Portability explained!

Health Insurance Portability after many delays and setbacks has finally arrived in India. From 1st October,2011 , you will be able to switch your policy to another Insurance provider in the country along with all the benefits in the existing policy. Yes, this one is for real! Say a customer has a 5 year policy and wants to switch when only 2 years have been completed and paid for, he can switch to another Insurance provider in the market. The cover amount will remain the same along with most of its features.

Now this new development will bring a lot of changes in the Insurance market. An individual, now, not satisfied with his/her present Insurance providers services will now have the power to make a switch. And finally “customer care” will become a huge factor which will come into play in this industry.

Companies, who do not have the product depth or variety in the market, could easily gain clients on their customer care prowess. The provided service levels will now decide who gets to keep their clients. Industry experts predict, that, this will lead to ‘specialization’ in services.

A company will try to focus and retain customers from one particular section in the market. This will lead to further specialized products,  and  availability of companies dedicated to limited categories will increase for the benefit of the customer satisfaction, reducing the confusion a customer faces when buying a new policy.

The only effort that the customer now needs to put in is to inform the two insurance companies 45 days before the policy matures.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance to enter Indian markets

Life Insurance market in India has a new entrant with Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance, gearing up to take the Indian market by storm.

The company intends to set up a multi channel distribution business but will start with the implantation of the agency model. The company has set up 19 branches and will increase it to 22 by November. The target is 44 branches by the next 2 years.

The company has plans of hiring 6000 agents and forecasts with Rs. 100 crore in premiums expected by March 2013. Permissions have been received from the Insurance Regulatory Authority of India (IRDA).

The company is a joint venture between Edelweiss Capital and Japanese Insurance Company, Tokio Marine. Edelweiss holds the controlling stake of 74% in the company. The rest is held by the Japanese Insurer. Tokio Marine is however keen to increase their stake in the joint venture whenever the FDI limits in the Insurance sector in India are raised.

Seems like a company to watch out for. Watch this space for more.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Bharti AXA Life Triple Health Insurance Plan launched

Bharti AXA Life Insurance has launched their new health insurance plan. It is a one of a kind product, as it  is a triple benefit critical illness plan.

Bharti AXA Life Triple Health Insurance Plan can provide a cover up to three times the sum assured. A total of 13 critical illnesses are insured. These illnesses are classified into three groups each. The individual can claim for an illness in one group and can still claim for 2 more illness from the remaining groups. And these three claims can be for the complete sum insured. Pretty neat eh?

The Health Insurance market in India is booming. The rising stress levels, the cut throat competition and with a  need to achieve success comparable to their more successful peers, Indians are losing big time when it comes to their health. People in their twenty's are now facing the risk of heart attacks, diabetes, spondilitis etc.

With the things as they are and any improvement in the situation not visible in the far horizon Medical Insurance is an essential product to have.

One can claim three times for unrelated illnesses for the whole sum insured. Now this is indeed unique when it comes to the existing policies in the market. Also once a claim is made, the policy has an inbuilt policy waiver too. If the policy holder has opted for “Return of Premium” the individual will get a full surrender benefit and the maturity benefit along with it.

This is seriously an awesome product especially for the working class in India. Do give us a call for free on 1800-103-9222 or visit our website to get your health insurance policy today. No masses of paperwork and regular trips from the Insurance agent leave the tension to us.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What is personal Insurance?

Personal Insurance is broadly described as insurance policies that cover personal property, motor and/or health insurance. For more detailed information, you can call us on our toll-free number 1800-103-9222.

And we have multi language support so you can get all your queries solved, find, compare and buy the best Insurance policy in the market, all while conversing in your preferred language.

10 Things to look for in YOUR INSURANCE POLICY:

VERIFY: your personal details and data provided to the insurance company, for it forms a very important part of the settlement claims. Mention all details correctly and honestly. In cases where it is not declared or is erroneous on policy documents, the insurer in all fairness may refuse to honor the claim.

ANALYSE: your benefits, must correspond with your long term plans. Go through the features of the product and check if they match with promises made during the purchase. Check for evolved features such as dynamic fund allocation or increasing premium to beat inflation which needs to be understood in detail.

CHECK: for add-on covers known as riders for other types of contingencies. Ensure that rider you bought are included in it, to avoid disappointments at critical moments.

CONSIDER: knowing the exact payment tenure. Check for how long you need to pay premiums and also what mode of payment you may have chosen, for example half yearly, quarterly etc. Life insurance is a long term savings and protection tool and its benefits can be seen only if one buys it for the long-term, which is the primary reason you bought the policy.

AUTHENTICATE: Study carefully what is guaranteed and what is not. Once you get the policy documents, check out the benefit illustrations of returns.

GLANCE: through terms and conditions of the service contract. In case you find any difficulty in understanding any aspect, you may want to check with the insurer the impact of those terms.

CONFIRM: the exact surrender charges mentioned in the documents for the times you face a cash crunch and need to surrender your policy or make partial withdrawals.

EXAMINE: exclusions in the policy, which define aspects or situations that will not be included in the coverage. It is common for many life insurance policies to refuse to cover certain types of deaths within a specific period of the policy being issued.

CLAIM: nominee's details are captured properly. Your life insurance policies should include everything that is supposed to be in your coverage, and it will spell out exactly what your responsibilities are, what the life insurance company is responsible for, what you are covered for and how much, and every other aspect of your life insurance coverage.

Mis-Sold: The life insurers give a free look period of 15 days to the consumer during which a consumer can review the policy from his needs perspective. If product features aren’t in sync with consumer needs, then he is free to return the policy and claim a refund of the money paid.

Monday, September 19, 2011

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance kick starts awareness drive

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance will soon be launching a consumer awareness drive. In recent surveys and studies, the company has found out that the level of awareness of basic insurance facts is frighteningly low in India.

This lack of awareness leads to purchase of the wrong product. Expectations are always there but when they are not met, you blame the Insurance provider. This leads to further problems, especially for the Insured.

Life Insurance is a wonderful and must have tool for hedging, protection and even wealth creation. But due to lack of knowledge or even awareness about the basic facts, these products are not used to their full potential.

Thus according ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, consumer awareness is of paramount importance. The company will go about this campaign with 10-12 insurance mantras. Let us hope this time consumers learn something and make informed decisions when it comes to buying Life Insurance.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

6 things to keep in mind when buying Health Insurance

There is no such thing as the perfect plan
There are thousands of plans and policies out there. The first thing you need to figure out is what you need. Accordingly find the plan which best suits your requirements and go ahead and buy it.
Get more than enough health cover
When we don’t mind paying a few bucks extra at high restaurants because of hygiene issues why not extend this courtesy to Insurance as well. Keep in mind that inflation in India will always remain at a particular level. And with the way medical costs are increasing, the amount which according to you is more than enough might not cut it. And you will realize this when there will be either no or very limited sources of income.

Read the Terms and Conditions
We know that they are written in small fonts and it's a lot of text. Read it while you still can, as it could very well decide where and how you will get yourself and your family treated in the future.

Do not depend on employee health Insurance schemes
Never depend on the Health Insurance you get at work. Jobs are transient and you will lose the insurance when you leave the job. And company policies are usually very limited in nature. Make sure you get your own policy according to your own needs.

Mark renewal dates everywhere
These are important dates and should be marked everywhere. Mark them on your calendars, mobile phones, planners, alarm clocks etc. You can forget your anniversary or even the wife’s birthday but don’t forget your renewal date. It saves money and time, so always keep it in mind.

Hiring a Health Insurance advisor is not a big deal
Spending a little more and hiring an expert is never a bad idea. Granted if you intend to buy a policy for only a few years, you can skip this part. But when you are buying something as important as a family health, you better get an expert.

If you have any queries and problems on Health Insurance, you can always call us up on our toll free number 1800-103-9222 or visit our website to buy Insurance

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mobile Phone Insurance in India

Cell phones have become the quintessential gadget for every Indian. And folks like to spend a lot of money on their gadgets. Hence Insuring these expensive smart phones is not a bad idea at all.

Mobile Phone Insurance in India is not exactly a new product. Many public and private Insurance companies provide mobile phone Insurance. The cover usually includes fire damage, theft and external damage. The cover can be extended further according to individual needs and Insurance provider.

However the exclusions are less variable
 • If the mobile phone is shared among friends and gets stolen
• If the mobile phone is damaged due to battle or nuclear threats, imprisonment or seizure by customs or any other authority under the Government.
• If the mobile phone is misplaced or forgotten somewhere.
• Mobile phone abuse
• Damage to mobile phone due to strange circumstances
• Damage to mobile phone while repairing, cleaning or other similar activities
• Damage due to electrical or automatic collapse
• Damage due to long term use

These exclusions are also not fixed and are different with different Insurance providers. Premiums rates are very low and very affordable actually.

Major Mobile Insurance Providers are listed below as well
• National Insurance Company,
• Oriental Insurance Company,
• New India Assurance Company and
• United India Insurance Company

If one prefers to spend a lot of money on their mobile phones they should get the handsets insured as well. 

For health insurance, life insurance and other types of insurance you can give us a call on our toll free number 1800-103-9222 or visit our website for further details.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SBI Life launches new Health Insurance Plan

SBI’s new health insurance plan, Hospital Cash plan, insures the policy holder’s accumulated savings from medical emergencies, also giving the policy holder a fixed daily allowance. This fixed daily allowance is the insured when s/he is admitted till the day he/she is released. The daily allowance comes under the Hospital Cash's Daily Hospitalization Cash Benefit. Also if the person is admitted in an ICU the payouts are doubled.

The basic premise of this policy is to address the rising healthcare costs. The policy is for 3 years and one can pay premium on an annual, semi annual and quarterly basis. The maximum age to be eligible for this policy is 75 years.

Also if two or more persons are insured under the same scheme, another fixed lump sum amount of Rs.10,000 is paid to the family members of the individual admitted in ICU.

State Bank of India Life Insurance is joint venture between State Bank of India and BNP Paribas with SBI owning a controlling stake of 74%. The policy can be subscribed through an agent or also online.

To understand this offer better, give us a call on our toll free number 1800-103-922 and also visit our website for all you Life Insurance needs.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ganesh Chaturthi, an Insurers Diwali

Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi has become an expensive affair. Insurance cover for the richest Pandal in GSB Seva Sadan now costs 150 crores The Insurance policy for Lalbaugcha Raja which is the oldest Pandal costs 14 crores.

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated throughout India but the most expensive and detailed Pandals can be found in Western India. Ganesh Idols of different sizes and shapes are installed in various Pandals spread across the region to celebrate the 11 day festival.

This time there were a total of 1, 91,000 idols installed. The most expensive Pandal at the GSB Seva Sadan has their Ganesh decorated with real gold and silver ornaments. The crown is made of 25 kgs of gold. The throne of Ganesh is made of real silver. Other precious stones have been used to decorate and beautify the idol.

Enhanced security measures and increasing expenses on these Pandals have caused the demand for Insurance to rise. Ganesh Chaturthi has become a bonanza of short term high profit business for various Insurance companies.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rakhi Sawant to get her butt and cleavage insured

With many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities insuring their body parts, Rakhi Sawant has decided to go for some too. Rakhi Sawant is famous for her headline grabbing antics, one liners and her talk show.

Rakhi Sawant mentioned these words in an interview to a reporter. “I want to insure my body parts like all those Hollywood stars. I have been insured for life and against accident, but now I want to safeguard my face, my hair, my cleavage and my butt,”

She however is clueless regarding how she will go about this. She also mentioned that if she cannot find an insurance provider in India, she will have to try foreign Insurers.

The need for getting her body parts insured is basically very simple. Her looks are a major reason for her drawing in her income, according to her. She wants to be tension free after getting everything duly insured.

There are many insurance providers in India including Government Insurance providers who can consider selling such policies. Companies have mentioned plenty of times that they are open to consider such Insurance needs.

However when it comes to Rakhi Sawant, everyone becomes a tad suspicious behind her motive for getting such an Insurance. However the Insurance provider who manages to Insure her body can rest assured to get a lot of publicity.

If you need any kind of Insurance you can always call us on our toll free number 1800-103-9222 or visit us our website to enter your details. Once you submit your details we can get back to you with the most suitable and economical policy in the market. Give us a try sometime, we promise to not hound you like others in the market.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

United India Insurance to refund policy premium

Kapish Kapodkar had filed a complaint claiming deficiency in service by United India Insurance Ltd. The medical insurance premium amount was Rs. 11,712 and had been paid on 8th December 2007.

After a long drawn out battle the North Goa Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum ruled against United India Insurance Co Ltd. The Insurance Company will now be paying back the premium amount paid by Mr. Kapish. Also the Forum has ordered the Insurance provider to pay back the amount along with interest from the day the amount was to be refunded. The interest rate is a very tempting 12%. Along with the premium amount and interest rate, a compensation of Rs. 10,000 will be paid as well.

The Consumer Disputes Redressal Forums have been set up all around the country. And it has been seen with increasing players in the market the number of disputes have been increasing.

You can call us up on our toll free number, in case of such problems. We can offer you expert advice and also renewal as well as new insurance policy options. Call us up on 1800-103-922 or visit us at InsuringIndia, our website.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pakistani doctor devises Insurance scheme for urban poor in India

Asher Hasan is a Karachi based doctor who has brought some amazing changes in the lives of the urban poor. In a survey Hasan discovered that low income individuals can never take advantage of Insurance in cities and big towns.

Hasan came up with a novel idea. To get large corporations, educational institutions and NGO’s to buy group Insurance. This way all low level employees, like peons, drivers etc get insured in an economical way.

Hasan talked about his ideas recently in Mumbai. He gave a talk at the Observer Researcher Foundation on Healthcare and Urban Poor.

Through his NGO, Naya Jeevan, Hasan is trying to improve the lives of the urban poor. It has been a decent success in many Pakistani cities with tie-ups with 80 corporations. Asher hopes to start operation in India soon.

With a huge pool of low income clients, costs for Insurance providers are reduced. And Naya Jeevan adds an advantage to the Insurance Policy. When a claim gets rejected, the NGO takes over through their own reserve fund.

Although for those who can take individual insurance, call us up for free at 1800-103-9222 or visit us at and make your  and your families life much easier and financially secure

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Insurance companies ignoring customer complaints, to pay penalties

Insurance Regulatory Authority of India (IRDA) has fined New India Assurance (NIA), an amount of Rs. 1 lakh for not replying to a client. IRDA had tried to communicate with NIA which was further ignored for 2 months.

Hemendra Mehta had been living abroad for a few months now. However he had still been paying medical insurance premium amount for the aforementioned months. He filed a query where he had asked the company to refund him the amount. NIA provides extension on the policy in such cases. But in this case no refund would have been made.

Now the problem starts after the grievance was filed. Hemendra received a mail which clearly stated that the refund will be considered. But when the Divisional Manager of the branch realized the folly he just stopped the communication. IRDA after 4 months of no action sent a letter to the head office of NIA. This was further ignored for another 2 months.

NIA finally refunded the amount to the policy holder after a total of 7 months. The Insurance provider made it look like they did a favor to the policy holder and the IRDA. IRDA responded with a Rs. 1 lakh fine.

The Divisional Manager is under investigation now.

Although one must keep in mind that this is just one instance of justice. IRDA is notorious for late replies. You have to wait 6 months to get an appointment with the Insurance Ombudsman in Mumbai. There position for an Ombudsman in Ahmedabad has been empty for the past 9 months.

But this case might be the delicate flame of light at the end of the tunnel. This is an encouraging step taken by the IRDA which will bring some positive changes in the Insurance sector.

To keep yourself and your family financially secure, you should try InsuringIndia or call us on our toll free number 1800-103-9222