Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mobile Phone Insurance in India

Cell phones have become the quintessential gadget for every Indian. And folks like to spend a lot of money on their gadgets. Hence Insuring these expensive smart phones is not a bad idea at all.

Mobile Phone Insurance in India is not exactly a new product. Many public and private Insurance companies provide mobile phone Insurance. The cover usually includes fire damage, theft and external damage. The cover can be extended further according to individual needs and Insurance provider.

However the exclusions are less variable
 • If the mobile phone is shared among friends and gets stolen
• If the mobile phone is damaged due to battle or nuclear threats, imprisonment or seizure by customs or any other authority under the Government.
• If the mobile phone is misplaced or forgotten somewhere.
• Mobile phone abuse
• Damage to mobile phone due to strange circumstances
• Damage to mobile phone while repairing, cleaning or other similar activities
• Damage due to electrical or automatic collapse
• Damage due to long term use

These exclusions are also not fixed and are different with different Insurance providers. Premiums rates are very low and very affordable actually.

Major Mobile Insurance Providers are listed below as well
• National Insurance Company,
• Oriental Insurance Company,
• New India Assurance Company and
• United India Insurance Company

If one prefers to spend a lot of money on their mobile phones they should get the handsets insured as well. 

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  1. I recently (2 weeks back) bought a new smart phone through flipkart and want to get insure my smart phone. As per you post I understand 4 companies offering Mobile Insurance. So could you please provide the links for the steps to proceed with Insure my new Mobile.

    I didn't find any where for the process of Mobile Insurance in any one of the website.

    Could you please let me know the process.




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