Wednesday, September 14, 2011

6 things to keep in mind when buying Health Insurance

There is no such thing as the perfect plan
There are thousands of plans and policies out there. The first thing you need to figure out is what you need. Accordingly find the plan which best suits your requirements and go ahead and buy it.
Get more than enough health cover
When we don’t mind paying a few bucks extra at high restaurants because of hygiene issues why not extend this courtesy to Insurance as well. Keep in mind that inflation in India will always remain at a particular level. And with the way medical costs are increasing, the amount which according to you is more than enough might not cut it. And you will realize this when there will be either no or very limited sources of income.

Read the Terms and Conditions
We know that they are written in small fonts and it's a lot of text. Read it while you still can, as it could very well decide where and how you will get yourself and your family treated in the future.

Do not depend on employee health Insurance schemes
Never depend on the Health Insurance you get at work. Jobs are transient and you will lose the insurance when you leave the job. And company policies are usually very limited in nature. Make sure you get your own policy according to your own needs.

Mark renewal dates everywhere
These are important dates and should be marked everywhere. Mark them on your calendars, mobile phones, planners, alarm clocks etc. You can forget your anniversary or even the wife’s birthday but don’t forget your renewal date. It saves money and time, so always keep it in mind.

Hiring a Health Insurance advisor is not a big deal
Spending a little more and hiring an expert is never a bad idea. Granted if you intend to buy a policy for only a few years, you can skip this part. But when you are buying something as important as a family health, you better get an expert.

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