Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thomas Cook India will now distribute General Insurance Products

Thomas Cook India Limited has created a subsidiary company which will be dealing in Insurance products in India. The company which is called Thomas Cook Insurance Services (India) Limited. This new subsidiary will be dealing in General Insurance products of Bajaj Allianz across India.

The Managing Director of Thomas Cook India Limited, Mr Madhavan Menon has mentioned that he is proud of this new development and is very happy when it comes to the companies association with Bajaj Allianz. Various types of Insurance products such as Travel Insurance, Motor Insurance, Health Insurance and other General Insurance products will be sold.

Most of the focus on travel insurance products and bundles but the company has plans of diversifying into other insurance products. Future expansion is on the cards and if this venture does well the company intends to dip their fingers into other financial services and products.

Bajaj Allianz products are being sold by many Insurance aggregators in the Indian market. Thomas Cook Insurance Services is another addition to this list of companies in a very competitive market.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bharti and Reliance talks regarding Bharti's Insurance business break down

Earlier Reliance industries along with their sister company, Reliance Infrastructure Ltd had planned on buying a total of 74% stake in Bharti AXA Life Insurance and Bharti AXA General Insurance. 54% would be owned by Reliance Industries and 17% by Reliance Infrastructure.

Now things seem to have changed. Reliance has announced that they no longer will be buying the stake. They have cited reasons like vision and governance disagreements.

The move by Reliance was due to the lack of growth in its existing business's. Also the need to diversify and increase presence in non core business's was also a motive.

Bharti Enterprises on the other hand is in desperate need of funds. After the long drawn out and rather expensive deal in Africa, Bharti needs money. The $9 billion dollar deal through which Bharti bought Zain's African operations. Also the  setting up of the 3G network in India will take it financial toll as well.

The shareholders of both the companies are not very happy with this development. Reliance shares lost 2.5% value and Bharti Airtel lost 0.9% value in the share market.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Life Insurance Corp may invest in Kingfisher Airlines

Life Insurance Corporation of India which is a state run company has shown interest in investing in Kingfisher Airlines. The Government has endorsed and forwarded a proposal to LIC regarding a possible deal.

After all the brouhaha regarding Kingfisher Airlines in the media, the Government has decided to help the airlines out. Not directly but the Government has its ways of making sure Kingfisher Airlines gets the funds it needs.

The Insurance company LIC has from time to time made huge investments in various industries in the market.

The Government has already pumped huge sums into Indian Airlines time and again. The Airline is still making losses. Almost all the airlines in India are making losses. Vijay Mallya who has already received a media trial in the last few weeks, has denied approaching the Government or the LIC for funds.

LIC, if the proposal is approved may invest upto Rs. 1.20 billion in the airlines. With most investors staying away from this loss making industry, LIC is ready to take the risk. Also the future prospects of Kingfisher Airlines looks bleak as it is. Hence a Government agency investing into such a company does come as a surprise to most.

LIC has also made major investments in tobacco companies and now its Kingfisher Airlines.Seems like we have some interesting times coming up.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Future Generali launches secure income plan

Future Generali India Life Insurance Company has launched a new product in the market. Its called the Secure Income Plan. Another 5 products are expected to be launched by Future Generali in the market this year.

The Managing Director and CEO of Future Generali had announced the above news on this Monday. The only thing holding the company back right now is regulatory authority clearance.

The Future Generali Secure Income Plan is specially designed for those falling in the age group of 0-60 years. The plan duration can be decided and later modified according to customer needs. Currently the company has plans with duration from 15 years to 65 years.

Once the premium payments are done, bonuses are paid out along with the accrued compound interest on the amount. Also annual cash backs which are guaranteed in the plan are given out. The cash backs are 5.5% of the sum assured. This cash back will continue till the policy matures. Once the policy matures, the investor will receive the whole amount along with a terminal bonus. The minimum amount which can be invested in this plan is Rs. 10,000.

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Future Generali has been crossing many milestones and expects to touch another which is the Rs.600 crore by the end of this fiscal year.

Also another interesting fact is that 9% of the companies revenue comes from the rural market. Hence we know where the company will try to expand when these revenue figures are achieved.