Monday, September 19, 2011

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance kick starts awareness drive

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance will soon be launching a consumer awareness drive. In recent surveys and studies, the company has found out that the level of awareness of basic insurance facts is frighteningly low in India.

This lack of awareness leads to purchase of the wrong product. Expectations are always there but when they are not met, you blame the Insurance provider. This leads to further problems, especially for the Insured.

Life Insurance is a wonderful and must have tool for hedging, protection and even wealth creation. But due to lack of knowledge or even awareness about the basic facts, these products are not used to their full potential.

Thus according ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, consumer awareness is of paramount importance. The company will go about this campaign with 10-12 insurance mantras. Let us hope this time consumers learn something and make informed decisions when it comes to buying Life Insurance.

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  1. Great activity of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance because life insurance must be chosen with care. I like the way of presenting the best information that life insurance always taken with full knowledge.


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