Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rakhi Sawant to get her butt and cleavage insured

With many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities insuring their body parts, Rakhi Sawant has decided to go for some too. Rakhi Sawant is famous for her headline grabbing antics, one liners and her talk show.

Rakhi Sawant mentioned these words in an interview to a reporter. “I want to insure my body parts like all those Hollywood stars. I have been insured for life and against accident, but now I want to safeguard my face, my hair, my cleavage and my butt,”

She however is clueless regarding how she will go about this. She also mentioned that if she cannot find an insurance provider in India, she will have to try foreign Insurers.

The need for getting her body parts insured is basically very simple. Her looks are a major reason for her drawing in her income, according to her. She wants to be tension free after getting everything duly insured.

There are many insurance providers in India including Government Insurance providers who can consider selling such policies. Companies have mentioned plenty of times that they are open to consider such Insurance needs.

However when it comes to Rakhi Sawant, everyone becomes a tad suspicious behind her motive for getting such an Insurance. However the Insurance provider who manages to Insure her body can rest assured to get a lot of publicity.

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