Thursday, April 7, 2011

Less than 15% of India has health Insurance

A white paper compiled by PWC has come up with certain recommendations after their roundtable meeting. Industry leaders from the Insurance and healthcare market among many Government officials were part of the meeting.

One of the points which everyone agreed upon was the desperate need for a regulator in the Healthcare market. Now the Insured demands quality medical treatment and more streamlined processes. There are a lot more expectations from an Insurance provider in the market now.
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There is a need in the market for more specialized product in the market custom made for different demographics and sections of society. People falling in different income slabs have mutually exclusive needs and they need to be met.

Also another concept came into being at this event. A Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited needs to be set up. The primary role of this organization would be collection and dissemination of credit history information for banks and financial institutions.

Less than 15% of Indian’s have some form of health insurance. This figure includes citizens covered under Government supported schemes. There is a huge market in India with a potential worth billions. And once this market is tapped, proper medical treatment won’t be out of reach for a majority in India.

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