Friday, October 25, 2013

Maha govt. to provide life insurance cover to tribal students.

 The Maharashtra state government has decided to insure life of tribal students enrolled at the department's schools and ashramshalas.

Speaking to reporters in Nashik, the tribal development minister Mr. Madhukar Pichad said that the insurance scheme will provide coverage of death due to snakebite, food poisoning, or any other accident. This insurance scheme is the first in its kind in the state. The compensation amount has yet to be decided. The tribal development department will soon decide the sum.

The premiums would be paid by the state government, Mr. Pichad said.
In addition, the minister also said that he would be checking quality control issues when a building was being handed over to the department.

“Since, the tribal development department does not have a construction wing of its own; it has to rely on the Public Works Department (PWD). It has now been decided to conduct quality checks of all establishments that will be handed over to the tribal department, before they are inhabited,“ he added further.

It's unfortunate that only a very small fraction of developmental plans are spent on tribal welfare, Mr. Pichad said adding, “We have decided to closely monitor the expenses set out to district collectorates for tribal development every month."

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