Friday, July 1, 2011

Health Insurance Tip 3: Total amount of coverage needed?

Health Insurance cover amount needs to be calculated keeping in my mind various factors. Existing policies and possible health care costs need to be taken into account. Accordingly all these policies should be brought into consideration so as to save on premium cost and exit from unnecessary coverage.

There are many who have adequate Insurance coverage in India. Most are either under insured or over insured. Some have just one policy while others have numbers that go into double digits. Ad hoc financial planning can prove to be disastrous with the realization coming post retirement.

Come over to our side. We have a portfolio management module which you can use online. No one has the time or patience to remember due dates for premium payments or deal with “what policy matures when” scenarios. With our products you wont have to deal with these problems anymore.

Give us a call when you are free at 1800-103-9222 and we can help you organize your financial life. Getting insured cant get simpler then this !

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