Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Insurance companies will not cover Rajinikanth

New India Assurance will not be insuring the new Rajinikanth movie, Rana. The officials have mentioned that RajiniKanth’s is suffering from ill health and has been making frequent trips to the hospital. If the movie is insured it will cover against uncertain events. And with Rajinikanth so obviously not doing well when it comes to his health, Insurance companies have become hesitant.

The Mega Budget movie Rana is now desperately looking for an Insurance provider. The companies have mentioned that with the frequent trips to the hospital, insuring Rana has become a risky venture.

With companies falling over each other to insure the previous Rajinikanth movie, Enthiran, this new development comes as a surprise. All the news coming from the Rajinikanth camp and the Rana camp is saying that the superstar is fine. Must be something really serious, when Insurance companies refuse to insure Rajinikanth movies.

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